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Black Holes Fall Asleep?

A Black Hole Takes A Nap

That’s right. NASA has discovered a Black Hole that seems to have taken a nap. NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory caught signs of the area 10 years ago as the Black Hole was eating up pieces of the Sculptor galaxy. Recently NuSTAR (NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array) picked up the area today and found the Black Hole asleep.

This Sculptor Black Hole is about 5 million times the mass of our sun. It lies at the center of the Sculptor galaxy, also known as NGC 253. The galaxy is known as a star burst galaxy and has been actively giving birth to new stars, only to have them eaten by the black hole. 13-million miles away from our own Milkyway Galaxy, this is our nearest star burst galaxy neighbor.


Sculptor Galaxy by NASA

You can learn more about this interesting discovery from NASA Black Hole Naps Amidst Stellar Chaos.

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