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The Black Moon Of March


The Second New Moon In A Month Is Called A “Black Moon”

The Second New Moon Of The Month

With every full moon, there’s also a New Moon which can also occur twice in a single month and that is also a rare event for Grandmother Moon. But she doesn’t seem to receive the same spectacular acknowledgement as her brighter sister the Blue Moon.

This month, March 2014; we will see two New Moons. The first occurred on March 1st and the second barely squeaks in on the 30th.

What’s her story and can you observe this special time of the year? Learn more about the Black Moon, her history, her energy, purpose and how you can mark the night of her arrival:  The Black Moon.


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Bright Explosion On The Moon

Moon Asteroid Impact

Moon Asteroid Impact

The Largest Seen Lunar – Meteor Impact

On March 17, 2013 an object the size of a small boulder hit the Mare Imbrium region of Earth’s Moon. It exploded in a flash that was caught on camera. Had you been watching at the time of impact, you could have seen the glow of the explosion with the naked eye.

The explosion was as bright as a 4th magnitude star. The bolder was 0.3 to 0.4 meters in size, traveled at 56,000 mph and hit with an explosion that was equivalent to 5 tons of TNT.

The Lunar Monitoring Program is charged with monitoring the sky for similar impacts that might cause a threat to Earth. In the history of the program, this is the largest explosion seen to date.

This strike is believed to be part of a larger event that also effected the Earth. But because we have an atmosphere, the material that struck earth during the March 17th event burned up before hitting the ground. Something the Moon can’t do since it doesn’t have an atmosphere.

NASA posted a video showing the impact and talking about the event on their YouTube Channel. Watch “Bright Explosion on the Moon“. Or read about it on Space.com “Huge Rock Crashes Into Moon.”

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