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Welcome to our family blog.  Well it’s a blog my Mom made for me and she posts science type stuff here too. You see I’m an aspiring Astrophysicist. I love science, I love discovering things. And Mom being Mom wanted to be supportive when I asked if I could have a blog like she has, and my dad has. She’s really good at this kind of thing. She’s very artistic and creative. And this is what she came up with.

So this is a place where we share our thoughts on science, technology, gaming and more. It’s hard telling what you might discover here. A journal about our latest discoveries, conversations or contemplations. A comment about the latest book we’ve read or a story we’ve written. Maybe a game we’ve played or simply something we want to share.

We may have much to say one day, and little to share the next. But whatever we post will be from our interests and perspectives of the Universe around us. Hope you like it. 

© 2013 Spyderwolf's Galaxy, All Rights Reserved. Spyderwolf's Hanko.

© 2013 Spyderwolf’s Galaxy. All Rights Reserved. Spyderwolf.