The Sky Through The Year


A Year of Sky on Earth
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Video Credit & Copyright: Ken Murphy (MurphLab)

NASA’s Image Of The Day

Today NASA has a very special presentation for their image of the day. It’s definitely worth sitting through “A Year Of Sky On Earth“.

A camera on the roof of the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco, California captured a picture of the sky every 10 seconds. From July 28th 2009 to about June, 2010. The images were looped together for each day. Then each day was placed in a mosaic video. With July 2009 starting in the top left corner, January 1st, 2010 somewhere in the middle and June 2010 on the bottom right.

Take time to sit back and watch the sky move across the screens. Take note of a few interesting things. In most of the loops, the sky is moving from left to right. What I assume to be from west to east. But a few days during the year, you’ll see it moving in the opposite direction. Looking rather stormy as it does. And a few you’ll see clouds moving from top to bottom, what I’d assume to be moving from the south to the north.

Look quick, you’ll also see some people pop up once or twice, checking on the camera I assume. Kind of made me smile for some reason.  And I noticed a lot of blue sky too. For some reason I thought San Francisco would be more cloudy and raining much like Seattle I guess. Strange how we develop perspectives of places we’ve never been too.

What I saw at the beginning of the loop I assumed was theatrical license fading into the day. I didn’t realize until the end of the loop that the fading in was the start of the day as the sun arose over the city. It’s obvious that’s what’s happening toward the end of the loop. And you can watch the sun set earlier in the day during the winter compared to the summer panes on the outside of the mosaic.

Watch it twice and you’ll pick up on little subtle things you may not have noticed the first time. I loved the plane contrail slowly drifting by on one of the winter images.

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