Curiosity In Legos

Did You Hear The News?

Thanks to space fans, Lego will be releasing the Mars Curiosity Rover as its next model to roll out of the factory. The company made the announcement on Friday, June 14. The Rover will part of the companies CUUSOO line which in Japanese means “imagination”. Sometimes translated as “wish”, the company developed a website for fans to wish for their favorite items to become Lego models.


LEGO Concept of Mars Curiosity Rover

Stephen Pakbaz (Perijove), uploaded his idea for the Rover before the craft was launched in November 2011. Pakbaz worked at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., where he was involved in some of the design and testing of the real spacecraft.

My hope was to have a set produced while the real rover was still active on Mars so that the model could help kids learn about the real rover’s discoveries as they occurred,” Pakbaz told in an interview last year.

Models need 10,000 votes before they are reviewed for potential release. The Curiosity rover model Achieved (that link is worth a gander) the necessary votes in August 2012, just weeks after the real six-wheeled spacecraft landed inside Gale Crater on Mars.

“The final product is still in development,” LEGO’s Tim Courtney wrote on the company’s website. “Exact pricing and availability is still being determined, so stay tuned.”


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