You May Not Have Heard

A 16-Foot Asteroid Narrowly Misses Earth

Earth dodged a bullet on Tuesday, June 4th, 2013. An asteroid narrowly missed hitting earth and no one even knew it was on it’s way until a few days earlier.

While the U.S. Government is expanding spending for the Pentagon (for what reason we don’t really know), NASA’s budget is officially less than a fraction of a penny out of every dollar we spend. Time to start complaining.

The asteroid sped past Earth at 38,000 miles per hour about 2am. Imagine taking a trip from New York City to New Zealand and you’ll travel the distance between Earth and this asteroid. A mere 8,900 miles. No danger,  Scientists say the asteroid would have burned up if had entered Earth’s atmosphere. But one can’t help but think of the asteroid that fell to Russia a few years ago, causing damage and injuries. 


Asteroid by NASA

Alex Gibbs from the Catalina Sky Survey, the discoverer of this asteroid, created a video of 2012 KT42 during its closest approach to Earth. You can find the video at

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