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Springwolf ReflectionsBelief Comes From Growing

My Mom is a very spiritual person. She’s not “religious”; she’s spiritual. She shares what she knows and what she has learned with others on her blog Springwolf Reflections. She’s also an author and has a published book on the subject. I’m very proud of my Mom.

One thing I like about my Mom is that she doesn’t force her beliefs on me. I ask questions, she answers them and she lets me figure out what I believe. She is fond of saying our experiences create our reality and our perspective of the world around us. No two people will ever have the exact same experience.

I’m not sure what I believe yet. I’m more like my Dad in that I’m into science, experiments that test a hypothesis. But there are things I can’t explain that I believe in. Ghosts for example. They don’t fit into science, but I can’t discount the experiences I’ve had either.

The more we learn, the more our views are altered. The more we experience the more data we add to our view. Right now, I believe anyone who follows a stagnate belief restricts their ability to grow and learn. And that goes for religion and science. Some scientists are so rigid in their view they automatically discount anything “spiritual”. I don’t think that’s right either.

For now I’ll follow one of my folks favorite quotes:
Believe In Yourself, Even When No One Else Does. ~ Harvey McKay ~

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