2012 MMORPG Game of the Year

Our Pirate Captians Together In The Skyways

Our Pirate Captains Together In The Skyways

Pirate101 and Wizard101 MMOs

If you’re a gamer you probably already know what an MMO is. For those of you who don’t:

A Massively Multiplayer Online game. A computer game in which a large number of players can simultaneously interact in a persistent online world.

A Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. A computer game in which a large number of players can role-play simultaneously and interact in a persistent online world.

Our family, yes the whole family (Mom, Dad, Kid) have discovered the fun of playing an MMO together. “Back in the olden times” families would sit around the dining room table and play a board game or a game of cards. Today those games have been replaced with video and computer games. Until the Wii and XBox, that digital family time was hard to enjoy because you had to share a computer.

If you’re lucky enough to have more than one computer in the house, there’s no waiting/sharing on MMOs. Everyone gets a chance at the same time and it really comes in handy when it’s cold and snowy outside.

Our favorite MMOs comes from KingsIsle Entertainment. Mom and kid began playing Wizard101 years ago.With 30million players around the world and voted the number 1 MMO on Massively.com!

But Dad didn’t join the scene until KI released Pirate101 in the late fall of 2012. Even though it hasn’t been around very long, Pirate101 was voted MMORPG.com’s game of the year by players! It already has a huge number of players worldwide like it’s predecessor and only increases it’s popularity with each game release!

We like them so much, yep..we created our own family blogs for each game.

Wizard101 - In Mooshu by the Tree of Life

Wizard101 – In Mooshu by the Tree of Life

Check out the games, read our reviews, news and check out our game guides. You may find out why these games are great for the whole family!

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